The earth’s rotation brings with it a Migration of new and exciting flavors.

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Helles Frozen Over Munich Helles Lager

5% ABV | 24 IBU

Well, Helles finally Frozen Over, because Strangeways is releasing a basic, light, full-bodied lager, made famous in the beer halls in and around Munich. It is sure to please the lager connoisseur, as well as give the masses an easy-drinking option for the folks who want “just a beer”.

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How Soon Is Now? Double IPA

8.4% ABV | 91 IBU

Swallow a shyness that is criminally vulgar.  Azacca, Amarillo, Citra, Calypso, Centennial, Chinook and Green Bullet for daze in this DIPA.

Now Available

Legalize It Come Together Hoppy Wheat Ale

7.1% ABV | 90 IBU

The Legalize It Series was cultivated to relax your body and open your mind.  Scarce hop varietals are specially sourced from choice growers around the globe.  Our fifth strain, Come Together Hoppy Wheat Ale, highlights a tetrad of aromatic hop varietals, conscientiously administered to heighten your senses.  Come…sit…and inhale as bright, citrus flavors of grapefruit and lemon are imparted by hop varietals of Citra, Cascade, Sorachi Ace, and Glacier, which commingle with a wheat malt foundation and a very special proprietary weizen yeast.  Wheat unite, hops unite, weizen yeast unite, mankind still fight, so we better come together, and learn to love one another.