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Hop Howler IPA

6.8% ABV | 78 IBU

**Available on draft and 12oz six-packs**

The Evil Thirst has been roving on a drought-ridden planet far away from Earth’s bounties, knowing for survival he must set forth on a long journey in hopes of quenching his endless need for refreshment. However, upon arrival on our fair planet, the villain quickly realizes the initial allure to the blue orb – H2O – will not truly satisfy his yearning. Maddened by his dehydration, he is driven to violent destruction, but soon gets even more than he reckoned for when the mighty Hop Howler emerges uproarious amidst the fertile, green landscape. Not only will the evildoer’s thirst be eternally extinguished, but it will also be satiated with voluminous amounts of aromatic, dank and resinous hops. Hop bombs of flavor from Citra, El Dorado, Jarrylo and Pacific Gem are hurled relentlessly, and explode in bursts to coat Evil Thirst’s alien tongue, rendering him harmless in a state of euphoria. Crisis averted, peace is restored throughout the Universe, as our vociferous hero Hop Howler sounds off one last time with a bellowing cry, offering assurance that all, good or evil, shall never go thirsty again.