Rot•In•Hell Pumpkin Sour

5.4% ABV | 18 IBU

Hoards of helpless pumpkins were viciously plucked from the vine, carted through the dark hollows, and brutally slaughtered on the crisp, cool All Hallows’ Eve of 2014. Their corpses forcefully turned inside out with a cleaver, to expose their juicy, tender flesh. The results of the aftermath then laid bare, atop hellish flames rising from the underworld, as their meat was meticulously charred to unveil their tantalizing flavors. All in preparation to meet their final maker and liquid tormentor. An experiment in mixed strain fermentation, the precious wort was first soured with lactobacillus, and then progressed to primary fermentation with the addition of a savage Belgian yeast. The resulting concoction was then laid to rest for nearly a year, oak barrel aged with a blend of roasted pumpkins, spices, and a third yeast addition of Brettanomyces from 3 Fonteinen. Resign yourself and accept your fate to (try) Rot•In•Hell.