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Gelati Celesti Chocolate Decadence Ice Cream Stout

8.4% ABV | 16 IBU

Gelati Celesti’s customers tell them that just a single spoonful of their Chocolate Decadence ice cream is indescribably good.  Rich, fudge-like, and decadent, it’s a chocoholic’s dream come true.  Maybe even teetering on transcendental.  It’s also their very best seller since opening in 1984.  Pure, fresh, and natural, each batch of Gelati Celesti is made by hand with only the finest ingredients from around the world — just like Strangeways’ beers.  Hence, a heavenly handmade collaboration with our friends at Gelati Celesti ensued.  The result is Strangeways’ interpretation of Chocolate Decadence ice cream in a glass, a stout using some of the same ingredients that make the ice cream delectably delicious.  With that, we invite you to treat yourself to a little sip of heaven!