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Wake Me Up Before You Gose Japone Chili Pepper Caribbean Rum Barrel-Aged Gose

4.6% ABV | 10 IBU

Wake Me Up Before You Gose is a lighthearted look at a Germanic sour that does a jitterbug into your brain, with the exertion of both Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. This unusual beer style, first brewed in the early 16th century in Goslar, Germany, has survived periods of extinction. However, it was fittingly revived in the mid-1980’s. The lemony tartness alongside hand-harvested fleur de sel (French sea salt), coriander, and ginger will put the boom-boom into your heart. Choose beer so you can hit that high…yeah, yeah, yeah, baby…

This variant is aged in Caribbean Rum barrels and seasoned with Japone Peppers.