FXBG: Beers, Burlesque and Variety Show

Burlesque Right Meow has teamed up with Strangeways Brewing in Fredericksburg to bring you a fabulous array of burlesque and variety! Prepare to be teased, pleased, amazed and entertained! Join us for an evening of burlesque, comedy, and circus arts while enjoying unique and delicious beverages crafted by Strangeways.

Fredericksburg Show Featuring:

Jo’Rie Tigerlily
Magnolia Ocasio
Murphy Lawless
Sally Stardust
Scarlet Starlet
Ego Von Hubris

Burlesque starts at 9pm, seating begins at 8pm

Fredericksburg Burlesque Show Tickets
$10 VIP seats closest to stage with the best views, $5 in advance for all other guaranteed seating
$5 general admission at the door provided space is available.
This show is for audiences 21+

BUY TICKETS HERE: http://brmfebfxbg.bpt.me/