Looking For Nothing In Particular, You’re Likely To Encounter The Extraordinary.

Neil Burton, the founder of Strangeways Brewing, has always had a penchant for exploring the unknown, especially when it comes to beer. As a result, he has found himself in some of the more peculiar corners of the world tasting as many unique beers as possible. What he discovered on his journeys is not of great importance. But what he returned with is—a profound passion for, and acute knowledge of, implausibly good beer.

Combining this fixation on great beer with his penchant for the unfamiliar, Neil imbedded himself in Virginia’s burgeoning craft brew culture. Realizing he didn’t want to merely be a spectator of the craft beer business, he began tirelessly working towards the goal of what would eventually become Strangeways Brewing.

We fought the law and our law won.

At first, Neil intended to create a new brand of beer by utilizing another’s existing brewing facility (often referred to as alternating proprietorship). However, he quickly found that the law would not allow for such an arrangement. So, working with Virginia legislators, he set to change the law. And it worked. But by the time the bill had passed (House Bill 359), Virginia’s mushrooming craft beer industry had experienced historic growth and breweries no longer had the capacity to make their space available to others. Still, Neil was pleased to have helped broaden the possibilities for future brewery projects to enter the craft beer market.

New game plan

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Now with more than three years of research and business planning behind him, Neil had devoted so much time and effort to the venture that he knew he could take on opening his own brewery. So that’s exactly what he did, officially opening Strangeways Brewing’s first location in 2013 at 2277A Dabney Road, Richmond, Virginia.

Natural growth with multiple locations

Using four years of experience brewing and running the first location, Strangeways took a big leap and opened their second brewery and tasting room in 2017 in Neil’s hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Chosen was a large warehouse building on 3 acres of property, just off the downtown area at 350 Lansdowne Road. However this was not just any building, as it had operated as the former office/warehouse for the family retail clothing business at which Neil had worked prior to entering the brewing industry.

At this point, things had really come full circle. Yet one neighborhood in particular called out as a natural place for Strangeways third location-the bustling local beverage producing area of Scott’s Addition in Richmond, Virginia, arguably known as the best neighborhood in craft beer on the East Coast.  With that, Strangeways newest, and once again unique venture is now open at 3110 West Leigh Street.