Virginia Craft beer for the intrepid palate.

In search of craft beer out of the ordinary? So are we. That’s why we spend our days toiling away, creating exquisitely peculiar concoctions to satisfy the most curious of cravings, persnickety of palates and inquisitive of individuals. That said, we strongly encourage you to do two things: Think Strange. Drink Strange.

RateBeer → 3 Years Running Strangeways named “Best Brewery Taproom in Virginia”

Southern Living →  Strangeways named one of “South’s Best Breweries for the 2nd year”


RVA Tasting Room Taps

RVA Happenings

Beers, Burlesque, and Variety Show-RVA! 8pm

RVA:Ale-N-Asana: Namaste For Beer 11am

Beautiful Disasters: B-Movie Night 7:30pm

RVA: Ale-N-Asana: OMmonday 6:30pm

RVA Weekly Occurrences

FXBG Tasting Room Taps

FXBG Happenings

FXBG: TRIVIA Every Tuesday at 7pm

FXBG: Beers, Burlesque and Variety Show

FXBG: Reckless Brigade Band 8pm