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Rallenta Flemish Red Ale

5.3 | 3

Rallenta is a mixed fermentation Flemish Red ale that matured for over two years in one of our two resident 35 hectoliter Italian Oak Foudres. Pronounced either foo-druh, foe-der, or foo-der, our Foeders were manufactured to our exact specifications in Italy with wood sourced from Italian grappa and brandy casks. The name Rallenta is Italian for “slow down”, which pays homage to the ancestry of our Foudres, as well as refers to the lengthy maturation and souring process that this special ale underwent. We inoculated Rallenta with a Roeselare blend of yeast and bacteria to give it a strong, funky nose, followed by a sour complexity on the palate including tart notes of apple and grapes, consummated by a pleasant, dry finish. With a refreshing taste and modest ABV, this Flemish Red doesn’t have to be enjoyed as slow as it was to make. That said, we strongly encourage you to do two things: Pensa strano. Bere strano.