Currently In Hibernation

Deemed too potent for society, these once free flavors have been locked away until an undisclosed date. Their future is unknown.

Jerry Bear Smash West Coast IPA

6.4% ABV | 50 IBU

West Coast style smash IPA using
Canadian Pale 2-row malt and Jarrylo hops containing flavors of Bosc
pear and Mandarin oranges with a spicy nose.  Medium bodied with
clean bitterness.  Double dry-hopped.

Legalize It Small Axe West Coast Style IPA

7% ABV | 49 IBU

In honor of the recent signing by the governor of Virginia to decriminalize simple possession of marijuana in the Commonwealth, we bring you Strangeways next beer in the experimental ‘Legalize It IPA’ series. Small Axe West Coast Style IPA has been sharpened to cut down the Big Tree. Rupturing with resinous and piney hops like Chinook and Simcoe, Small Axe brings Big West Coast vibes to the East for you to enjoy.  Pale Ale malt balances out the dank, and brings this beer to an even 7.0% ABV with 49 IBU’s, so no weak heart can prosper, oh no they can’t.

Lemondrop New England IPA

6.6% ABV | 45 IBU

Golden, hazy IPA with moderate sweetness.  Fruity notes of sweet citrus and candied lemonpeel from Lemondrop hops. Double dry-hopped.

Stark Silhouette Imperial Milk Stout

12% ABV | 64 IBU

Stark Silhouette is a robust Imperial Milk Stout that derives its obsidian color, rich mouthfeel and it’s mocha tinted foam from a heavy handed mix of caramel and dark malts, high protein adjuncts and lactose. We used German Magnum hops for bittering, and Boadicea hops for flavor and aroma.  You will get notes of coffee, dark chocolate and burnt grain followed by a warming, bittersweet finish.

Roses from Heaven Bourbon Barrel Aged Saison

7.1% ABV | 25 IBU

Aged in A. Smith Bowman bourbon barrels for 8 months, this Saison uses Murphy and Rude Virginia grown wheat and rye malts, giving it subtle spice, layered with floral and citrus notes from the addition of wild rosehips and lemon peel.

Now Available in FXBG

Monk’s Indulgence Honey Ginger Tripel

9.1% ABV | 18 IBU

Brewed to considerable strength with Vienna, White Wheat, and Belgian Aromatic Malts and finished with wildflower honey and fresh Ginger.  This Abbey style Tripel is sweet, strong, spicy, and remarkably drinkable.

Brass Monkey Malt Liquor with Orange Juice

7.3% ABV | 30 IBU

Our Fine Malt Lyrics mixed with orange juice to make one badass mimosa. This funky monkey is Beastie approved.

Wizard Fight! Triple Dry Hopped New England IPA

7% ABV | 70 IBU

Pilsner and white wheat malts with flaked oats give this beer a chewy malt character accented with juicy fruit flavors and aromas provided by Columbus and Azacca hops.

SMaSHing Simcoe Double Dry Hopped Simcoe IPA

5.8% ABV | 65 IBU

This IPA uses a single malt and single hop variety to showcase the ingredients’ character and versatility. Canadian Pale 2 row malted barley imparts a clean base finishing moderately dry. Simcoe hops create aggressive bitterness with resinous piney and dank flavors and aroma. Double dry hopped.

That Virginia Thang Brut IPA

6.5% ABV | 70 IBU

It’s that time of year again, the hop harvest is here!  We sourced handpicked organic wet hops from our neighbors at Foxbine Farms in Stafford, VA to create a dry Brut IPA exploding with wet hop flavors and aromas from liberal additions of Cascade, Zeus, and Nugget varieties.  If you’re looking for what Virginia hops have to offer, this beer delivers in a big way.

Busted Snare Belgian IPA

6.6% ABV | 52 IBU

Pours a deep gold with moderate haze, we dug deep into our malt stash for this unique take on IPA using Epiphany Foundation and Murphy and Rude Belgian Amber and Crystal Wheat malts complimented by Green Bullet, Pacifica, Motueka, and Wakatu hops from New Zealand.  Bitterness starts out subtle then increases and lingers.  Double dry hopped with notes of clove and pepper from our house Belgian yeast.

Crown Jewels Gin and Tonic Cumber Sour

5.1% ABV | 20 IBU

Pilsen and Acidulated malts lay down a clean base which is then flavored with Sorachi Ace and Huell Melon hops to give it a moderately bitter taste. Gin soaked juniper berries are then added to give it that classic gin and tonic taste. This beer was conditioned with copious amounts of pureed cucumber, Persian limes, as well as the juniper berries. This Beer was crafted to satisfy both beer and cocktail drinkers!

Snappy Dresser Triple Dry Hopped New England Double IPA

8.5% ABV | 20 IBU

Snappy Dresser pours hazy straw gold.  Juicy tropical and citrus hop character from Citra, Azacca, and Eureka.  Low Bitterness.

99 Red Balloons Saltwater Taffy/Candy Gose

6.1% ABV | 12 IBU

Sweet and sour, this Gose is conditioned with over 3 pounds of Airheads candy per barrel to produce this over-the-top, fruity experience!

Wastin’ Away Again Margarita Gose

6.1% ABV | 12 IBU

Made with malted wheat, Sorachi Ace hops, Agave nectar, and lime salt, this Gose is clean, tart, citrus-y and reminiscent of a freshly made margarita on the rocks!

Cranberry Überlin Berliner Weisse

4.75% ABV | 13 IBU

A Cranberry variation of our Überlin Berliner Weisse. A dry, sour wheat beer with a sharp tartness beneath a fruity, funky finish.

Passionfruit Überlin Berliner Weisse

4.75% ABV | 13 IBU

A Passionfruit variation of our Überlin Berliner Weisse. A dry, sour wheat beer with a sharp tartness beneath a fruity, funky finish.

Raspberry Überlin Berliner Weisse

4.75% ABV | 13 IBU

A raspberry variation of our Überlin Berliner Weisse. A dry, sour wheat beer with a sharp tartness beneath a sweet fruity, funky finish.

Piña Colada Albino Monkey Belgian White Ale

5% ABV | 25 IBU

Our traditional Albino Monkey with the essence of Piña Colada added!

The base is our Albino Monkey – a Belgian-style White Ale with coriander, orange peels, lemon peels, white pepper, and Virginia wildflower honey.

Blueberry Cobbler Albino Monkey Belgian White Ale

5% ABV | 25 IBU

Our traditional Albino Monkey with the essence of Blueberry Cobbler added!

The base is our Albino Monkey – a Belgian-style White Ale with coriander, orange peels, lemon peels, white pepper, and Virginia wildflower honey.

Banana Split Albino Monkey Belgian White Ale

5% ABV | 25 IBU

Our traditional Albino Monkey with the essence of Banana Split added!

The base is our Albino Monkey – a Belgian-style White Ale with coriander, orange peels, lemon peels, white pepper, and Virginia wildflower honey.

Legalize It Bush Doctor New England IPA

8.5% ABV | 20 IBU

Warning! The Surgeon General warns…macro beer is dangerous, dangerous…hazard to your health…does that mean anything to you?…Legalize It Bush Doctor yeah! Sparked by the pursuit of fresh, resinous, tropical, and dank, hoppy India Pale Ales, the Legalize It series was cultivated to relax your body and open your mind. Scarce hop varietals are specially sourced from choice growers around the globe. Our newest strain, Bush Doctor, like a tincture is a concentrated New England Double IPA. Juicy and hazy are the prescription, utilizing a sextuple of aromatic hop varietals including Amarillo, Calypso, Eureka, Lemondrop, Citra, and Mosaic, which are conscientiously administered to heighten your senses. No more need to smoke and hide, when you know you’re taking a legal ride, so Legalize It Bush Doctor!

Dyson Sphere Gose

4.8% ABV | 9 IBU

Dyson Sphere is a contemporary Gose that brings a balance of acidity, salt, and toasty wheat and oats to the palate with undertones of spice from additions of coriander and grains of paradise. Kettle soured with lactobacillus culture then fermented with American Ale yeast to provide clean, quaffable beer perfect for warmer weather.

Pet Sounds American Wheat Ale

5.2% ABV | 15 IBU

Hints of banana and bubblegum esters often found in Hefewiezen.  Moderate bitterness provided by Centennial, Amarillo, and Citra hops provides balance to the complex malt profile.  The addition of vanilla creates a savory sweet aroma that lingers on the nose, while just the right amount of blueberries put this beer over the top.

Cloak Of Feathers Baltic Porter

8% ABV | 23 IBU

Cloak Of Feathers is a chocolaty, roasted malt flavored traditional Baltic Porter. Local malts were used to create an added depth of flavor including Epiphany Foundation and Murphy & Rude Belgian Amber. Lager Yeast was added, subduing the esters and creating a cleaner, more even finish to this beer. Green Bullet hops add traditional hop notes of resin, pine, and a slight spice with a clean finish. With notes of smoke, chocolate, and light malt.

Peach Dyson Sphere Gose

4.8% ABV | 9 IBU

Contemporary Gose that brings a balance of acidity, salt, and toasty wheat and oats to the palate with undertones of spice from additions of coriander and grains of paradise. Kettle soured with lactobacillus culture then fermented with American Ale yeast to provide clean, quaffable beer perfect for warmer weather. Our peach variant brings more tart flavors and hints of sweet stone fruit for an even more complex, yet drinkable character to this highly nuanced beer.

Gaia Hypothesis Belgian IPA

7.7% ABV | 30 IBU

Belgian IPAs are inspired by American India Pale Ales and Double IPAs. Generally, Belgian IPAs are considered too hoppy by Belgian beer drinkers. Various malts are used, but the beers of this style are finished with Belgian yeast strains (bottle-conditioned) while the hops employed tend to be American. You’ll generally find a cleaner bitterness versus American IPAs, and a pronounced dry edge, akin to an IPA crossed with a Belgian Tripel. Alcohol by volume is on the high side. Many examples are quite cloudy, and feature tight lacing, excellent head retention, and fantastic billowy heads that mesmerize (thanks, in part, to the hops). Belgian IPA is still very much a developing style.

Interstellar Ark New England IPA

7% ABV | 30 IBU

Brewed with plenty of flaked oats, for body, and Murphy & Rude Crystal Wheat, for a touch of sweetness, Interstellar Ark is fruity IPA with soft palate and subtle bitterness. Late additions of Amarillo and El Dorado were used to bring out fruity and citrus flavors while Citra and an experimental hop from Hopstiner, #07270, deliver aromas of tropical fruit and resin.

Sleeps With Angels Chocolate Stout

7% ABV | 65 IBU

Over 50 lbs of cocoa nibs were used to make this velvety, chocolately stout. We carried out normal tank fermentation and then aged this stout in neutral oak barrels for 1 1/2 months. The barrel fermentation added depth of flavor and brought down the natural sweetness of this beer. Bittering hops were added for balance. The profile includes rich, smooth chocolate and light acid to soften the mouthfeel.

Earth Abides India Pale Lager

7% ABV | 40 IBU

Earth Abides exhibits the clean fermentation profile of a classic lager alongside a robust fruity hop profile. Hopped generously with El Dorado, Citra, Eureka!, and Strata, this beer features notes of tropical fruit, pear, and citrus. The finish is dry and crisp with tones of resin and pine.

Under The Rose Wild Rosehip Saison

7.1% ABV | 38 IBU

Brewed with foraged rosehips, Under The Rose, is a saison with citrusy and tea like notes that are accentuated by the addition of lemon peel. The malt profile adds some subtle bready notes and a pleasant spice character that is derived from Epiphany Craft Malt’s VA barley and NC triticale alongside VA wheat and rye from Murphy & Rude Malting Company.

Gallows Humor Dry Hopped Black Lager

5.6% ABV | 30 IBU

Gallows Humor takes inspiration from traditional German black lagers but is brewed with a distinctly American approach. Featuring Virginia barley and wheat from Epiphany Craft Malt and Murphy & Rude Malting Company, this beer expresses toasty, bready, malt alongside fruity, dank, and tropical aromatics from Strata and Mosaic hops.

Hazlet Dry Hopped Rye Tripel

9.5% ABV | 27 IBU

Named for a variety of rye that has excellent winter hardiness traits, and a high rate of winter survival, Hazlet, takes the same base rye Tripel as Brasetto and pushes it in a new direction with the addition of two generous dry hops, featuring Huell Melon, Galena, and Centennial. These additions add layers of earth, black currant, ripe melon, citrus, and delicate floral tones.

Natural Magic Dry Hopped Sour Saison

6.3% ABV | 30 IBU

Brewed with Virginia  barley, malted by Epiphany Craft Malt, and Virginia  wheat, malted by Murphy & Rude Malting Company, Natural Magic is a saison that combines acidity with hoppiness. The yeast lends background fruity and spicy tones to this tart beer; while a combination of New Zealand Pacifica and Wakatu work alongside classic American Cascade and Sorachi Ace to provide aromatic notes of lime zest, dried herbs, lemon, grapefruit, and dill.

Brasetto Rye Tripel

9.5% ABV | 27 IBU

Named for a variety of rye that has proven promising for both its performance in the field and also in the malthouse, Brasetto is a Belgian style Tripel brewed with rye. Expect a complex beer that begins sweet and finishes dry and with a pleasant warmth that hints to its significant ABV. In addition to the fruity and spicy profile in a traditional Tripel, this beer has earthy notes of rustic bread crust and rye spice that come from the addition of malted rye.  

Bohemian Grove Lactose New England IPA

7.5% ABV | 33 IBU

Bohemian Grove combines a citrusy and dank hop profile with a somewhat sweet and full body, enhanced by the addition of oats and lactose. Citra, Eureka!, and Nelson Sauvin are combined to give notes of tropical fruit, black currant, pine, and gooseberry.

Geomancy Boysenberry Table Beer

4% ABV | 8 IBU

Geomancy is a refreshing and fruity belgian table beer brewed with VA grown barley from Epiphany Craft Malt, and VA malted wheat from Murphy and Rude. This beer has subtle notes of fruity and spicy yeast alongside a more aggressive berry character from boysenberries, that lend both acidity and sweetness.  

Sing With Dier Coffee Milk Stout

6.2% ABV | 20 IBU

Starting with the same base milk stout as Sing With Animals, Sing with Dier takes this beer into a very different direction. While they both share a malt backbone with notes of graham cracker, molasses, coffee, and baker’s chocolate. Sing with Dier is elevated with Dier House Coffee Roasters’ Tobosi coffee. This addition brings the aromas of cold brewed coffee to the forefront of the palate and the aroma. The coffee brings a touch more bitterness out of the beer, but also add notes of milk chocolate, almond, and raspberry.

Pyrus Foraged Pear Saison

6.2% ABV | 27 IBU

Pyrus is the genus of pear trees, it lends its name to this foraged saison due to the use of Callery pears that were foraged on our brewery grounds in Fredericksburg. Callery pears impart tart and tannic notes that are balanced by a dry but round body delivered by Virginia malted wheat, from Murphy & Rude, and a touch of rye malt. More fruity notes are teased out by the yeast and a small addition of pear puree toward the end of fermentation.

Atoms For Peace India Pale Lager

6.5% ABV | 37 IBU

This beer is named for a speech, and later program, delivered by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Atoms For Peace was focused on showing the public how atomics and uranium could be used for peaceful endeavors beyond armaments. Similarly this lager utilizes some of the techniques and process that are hallmarks of macro breweries to show how they can be harnessed for a much more craft driven endeavor. The result is a crisp refreshing lager that showcases one of Indie Hops newest varieties: Strata. The hop profile is sticky and dank with some classic grapefruit character that is rounded out with subtle tropical fruit and pine.

Ampelos Wild Grapevine Saison

5% ABV | 24 IBU

Named for a satyr that Dionysus transformed into the first grapevine, this unique saison is brewed with Virginia malted wheat, from Murphy & Rude and wild grapevines foraged on our brewery grounds in Fredericksburg. These vines impart subtle tannins and a white wine like character to the aroma and flavor of this beer, which is backed up by a subtle fruity twang and mild spicy notes from the yeast.

Sing With Animals Vanilla Milk Stout

6.2% ABV | 20 IBU

Sing With Animals is a rich, chewy, milk stout with a silky texture and a dominate vanilla aroma and flavor. The malt backbone of this beer provides notes of graham cracker, molasses, coffee, and baker’s chocolate while the vanilla accentuates the sweetness and provides warmer, creamy, highlights of coconut and spice.

Spectacular Optical New England IPA

7.7% ABV | 37 IBU

Spectacular Optical combines a soft pillowy mouthfeel with a tropical fruit smoothie profile delivered from Galaxy, El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin.

StarTropics Brut IPA

7% ABV | 39 IBU

StarTropics is a Brut IPA, brewed to be mildly bitter and bone dry with a huge tropical and citrus hop aroma from Citra, Galaxy, Amarillo and Mosaic.

Kakapo New Zealand Pilsner

5% ABV | 29 IBU

Named for the large green, nocturnal parrot native to the New Zealand islands, this refreshing dry hopped pilsner features a light hued body alongside hop aromas and flavors delivered from three New Zealand Hop varieties: Wakatu, Pacifica, and Green Bullet

Servus Triple IPA

10% ABV | 25 IBU

Servus is a German word that can both mean hello and goodbye, so it is fitting that it is the name we use for Matty’s (Matthew Eck) last brew at Strangeways FXBG. It serves as both the last beer that he made here and the first beer that the new head brewer in Fredericksburg, Brian Mandeville dry hopped, transferred, and packaged.

Servus has a big tropical, fruity, aroma that is dominated by passion fruit and mango with subtle tones of peach and pine. At first sip, a hint of sweetness quickly dissipates to display a dank and resinous palate that is backed by peach and mixed tropical fruit. The beer finishes with a growing mild bitterness a slightly warming finish that only hints to its significant ABV.

Suite Madam Blueberry Sour

7.3% ABV | 16 IBU

For our newest sour, we connected with our good friends at Swift Creek Berry Farm, who supplied us with hundreds of pounds of fresh, local Virginia blueberries.  This tart yet suite (sweet) libation has fruity and lemony hops, along with cinnamon to help enhance the blueberry flavor.  The reddish purple color is intriguing, and the smell intoxicating as we long for the past and dream of days with you, Suite Madam Blueberry Sour.  Tastes like America, America, America…..

Now Available in RVA

Imperial Razzles Dazzle Raspberry Berliner Weisse

8.3% ABV | 6 IBU

Fred Zeppelin Imperial Berliner Wiesse with imported Himbeer (Raspberry) syrup.

Chocolate Hazelnut ESB Extra Special Bitter

5% ABV | 44 IBU

Rappahannock ESB with chocolate and hazelnut.

Grapefruit Daily Palmer Ice Tea Shandy

4.8% ABV | 15 IBU

Iced Tea Lemonade Shandy with grapefruit.