Richmond Craft beer for the intrepid palate.

In search of craft beer out of the ordinary? So are we. That’s why we spend our days toiling away, creating exquisitely peculiar concoctions to satisfy the most curious of cravings, persnickety of palates and inquisitive of individuals. That said, we strongly encourage you to do two things: Think Strange. Drink Strange.

RateBeer → Strangeways named “Best Brewery Taproom in Virginia”

TripAdvisor → Strangeways is “#1 for Nightlife in Richmond”


Tasting Room Taps


Extended Steal the Vessel September 1-7

Überlin Invasion: New Flavors Rollout!


BEER RELEASE: Gourd of Thunder Imperial Pumpkin Porter

Local Cruise for Local Brews with Pinups for Pitbulls

BEER RELEASE: Rot-In-Hell Pumpkin Sour

IRON REAGAN BEER RELEASE SHOW: Featuring Iron Reagan, Valient Thorr, Give and Unsacred

Yappy Hour!: September