Our Woodsman beers are painstakingly barrel-aged to delectable perfection.

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Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Gourd of Thunder Imperial Pumpkin Porter

9.2% ABV | 18 IBU

**Available only on draft**

Gourd of Thunder is a dark and gnarly Imperial Pumpkin Porter brewed with freshly picked local pumpkins that were ripened on the vine while continuously listening to heavy metal. The malty pumpkin backbone fuses robustly with a milky sugar creaminess. Bourbon vanilla beans lay down a rock-steady foundation that drives the cinnamon, ginger and clove spices through your skull. This brew does not merely mimic the flavor of a mortal pumpkin pie. Gourd of Thunder will cataclysmically blow your mind with its face-melting, high-voltage attitude. Headbangers Unite!

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Tirami’zu Brew Rum Barrel Aged Porter

7% ABV | 16 IBU


In collaboration with the iconic folks from Mamma ‘Zu, edo’s squid, Dinamo & 8 1/2, we sought to sanctify the religious experience of their world class tiramisu as a brew. This luscious porter underwent months of rum barrel aging with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and coffee from local roaster Black Hand. Find out for yourself why the Italian word tiramisù means pick-me-up.

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The Hinterlander Wild Barleywine

11% ABV | 62 IBU

From a legend whose origins are traced to Native American Algonquian peoples come tales of an enormous creature known as the Wendigo. Possessing characteristics part human and part monster, these beasts were said to emerge from people indulging in the ancient taboo of cannibalism. These malevolent, supernatural beings possessed great spiritual power, and were strongly associated with winter, coldness, famine, and starvation. Embodiments of gluttony, greed, and sheer excess, these Hinterlanders were never satisfied after consuming a person, and were constantly on the prowl for fresh victims in attempts to quench their lustful, never-ending desires. This wild barleywine, aged a solid year in oak barrels, exudes similar powers, calling one on a hunt to quench an unstoppable thirst. Savor the debauchery that is The Hinterlander.

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Virginia Stingo Red Wine Barrel-Aged English Strong Ale

10% ABV | 45 IBU

The name Stingo, derived from a fashionable slang word in the 1700’s for a strong or old English ale, likely comes from the sharp or “stinging” flavor arising from this barrel-aged style of beer.  Gigantic amounts of malt were split between two separate mashes, and then blended back into the kettle to provide an extremely solid backbone into which dark candi syrup and coconut sugar were intertwined.  Virginia Stingo then spent nine months maturing in oak barrels that originally housed red wine from Virginia’s Horton Vineyards.  The result is a big, boozy, yet balanced ale, meant to be sipped and savored like a fine red wine.  Get Stung!