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Phantasmic Belgian IPA

7% ABV | 70 IBU

Phantasmic East Coast IPA is anything but a typical American IPA. The malt character, including Pilsner malts, wheat malt and honey malt, rises to meet with the estery notes of Belgian abbey yeast to balance and support the hops. A blend of Motueka, Wakatu, Pacifica, Topaz and Pacific Gem hops from Australia and New Zealand, emerges from the malt foundation and blossoms into a sublime burst of flavors like citrus fruits, succulent melons and flowery herbs. More of the same in the nose, but the aroma wafts together into a bouquet of tropical flowers. Though aggressively hopped, this IPA is not overly bitter and promotes a dangerously session-like aspect that belies it’s 7% ABV.

It’s not just your senses beguiling you. When the Phantasmic appears, prepare yourself for an ethereal blend of notable hints of fruit and pine, reaching out to you from beyond the shadows of rich yeast and hops. Conjure the spirits of barley and wheat malts, and strike a balance between this world with theirs. Commence in the séance of flavor and unlock the secrets of the other side.